Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bangladesh Birth Film on the BBC

Just as I was leaving Bangladesh in April, a film crew arrived to do a documentary on birth in Matlab. The movie recently played on the BBC and I just finished watching it this evening. I wasn't prepared for the emotional reaction that I had seeing the film. I know each of the health workers by name that were highlighted in the film. It was especially emotional to see them sharing information with pregnant women and their families on safe pregnancy and birth. There were even a few scenes in the film that showed the community health workers conducting HBLSS meetings, the same information that I helped train them in back in 2007. I have included the link to the film below. I hope you will find the time to view it and get a glimpse at what life in Bangladesh is like. I think you will also get a sense of why I so easily fell in love with the Bangladeshi people!

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